Integrated 360° Marketing and Digital Communication

When brands want to speak up, we give them their voice. We create seamless marketing experiences across relevant channels that hinged on insight-driven messaging.

Multi-channel Marketing

There are thousands of ways to do marketing in the digital jungle and hundreds of channels to place them in. Sometimes we create fire using woods to generate smoke or just random noises. We were kidding aside. We can help you figure out the right strategy to communicate messages across multiple channels.

Social and Digital Media Marketing

Social and digital media marketing is the center of all marketing campaigns in this digital jungle. Trust the Monkeys to help others notice you through effective engagement and community building around the digital jungle. We will make you famous here!

Web Development & Design

Everyone wants the best of both worlds. Brands want to be aesthetically pleasing and functional enough for their website goals. We design websites to be just that – a mix of eye-catching UI focused on the UX.

Celebrity & Influencer Management

Everybody has someone they look up to – even brands! We get in touch with what’s trending and see the people who sway public perception in different industries. Making relevant strategies around these influencers is the name of the game.

Creative Content Storytelling

People all have stories to tell but sometimes have trouble expressing it. We conceptualize ways to creatively deliver the stories brands want to share through video, short-form, long-form, or any other type of content.