White Monkey Digital

About Us

“Swing to the Digital Jungle”

We’re Monkey — problem-solvers, storytellers, artists, conceptual thinkers, and those who enjoy good humor. We take pride in providing out of the jungle creative ideas, well-thought-out branding images, and content to the masses.

White Monkey Digital Lab Company is a subsidiary and a creative digital marketing arm of the Online Crib Group of Companies.

Our Creative Core


Here in the digital jungle, we always create a strategy for you, our partners, especially your products or services. We are your partner as we craft strategies to effectively deliver who you are as a brand and what you offer to your target market around the digital jungle. 


As a breed of white monkey, we are creative and sneaky when it comes to the latest methodologies in software development. We can deliver tangible results by executing them. We provide all the documentation and workshops you need to get the job done. Trust us that we don’t use too many buzz words, but we know what they mean and the value they behold.


As experts of the digital jungle, we use our data-driven instincts in marketing. We combine the actual data and our creative sneakiness to deliver targeted solutions to your prey (target market). Our job is to create brand awareness for your business to the right audience and compel them to experience your products and services’ benefits.